What is LOTUS?
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What is LOTUS?



LOTUS is a set of market-based green building rating tools developed by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) specifically for the Vietnamese built environment.


LOTUS rating tools are based on various international green building rating systems (LEED, Green Star, BREEAM, GBI, và Green Markand have the following goals to:

Establish standards and benchmarks specific to Vietnam

Guide the local construction industry towards efficient use of natural resources

Introduce and promote environmentally friendly practices


LOTUS rating tools have been developed through long-term research, with the expert advice of specialists giving particular consideration to Vietnam's economic and natural characteristics and to existing Vietnamese standards and policy.


VGBC has developed 3 rating tools; LOTUS Non-Residential, LOTUS Residential and LOTUS Buildings in Operation to accommodate for various building types. Click here to learn more about VGBC’s LOTUS rating tools.



Benefits of LOTUS Certification

There are many benefits for choosing LOTUS for your projects. LOTUS certified buildings have:

- lower operating costs

- higher return on investment

- greater tenant attraction

- enhanced marketability

- improved occupant productivity

- reduced liability and risk

- healthier places to live and work

- demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility

- future-proofed assets

- competitive advantage



LOTUS History & Development

The development of LOTUS began at the inception of the Vietnam Green Building Council in 2008. The first tool developed was LOTUS Non-Residential followed by LOTUS Residential and now LOTUS Buildings in Operation is being developed.



Each tool has been developed through a process which has involved input from a panel of experts and stakeholders called the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) as well as local and international experts, public and industry consultation and technical workshops. The general framework for the development of a LOTUS tool is as follows:




To improve your understanding of LOTUS and green buildings, the VGBC offers comprehensive training programs. Click here to learn more.